Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quick shout-out to Maurices

To test out our new car, we decided to make a road trip to Pocatello. It was a destination that was close enough that it wouldn't cost us a ton in gas just to drive around. (remember those days? when you could just drive around and not worry how much gas it's going to take?) Like when I visit any place, I always gotta go to the mall.

quick joke: "if you've seen one indoor shopping complex, you've seen a mall (you've seen'em all)"

I've always liked the Pine Ridge Mall - maybe it's because they actually have some-what of a food court? I'm not sure... Michele, being pregnant, finds it hard to find cute clothes that are maternity wear. We stopped by Maurices - they were having a Buy 1, get the 2nd for half-price sale... and they actually carry sizes that can act as maternity wear if need be!! And, Best of all, it's right at the front of the store with everything else... not some little rack in the back next to the bathrooms, not underneath a huge embarrasing [PLUS SIZE/MATERNITY] sign hanging from the celing...

have you ever noticed that? Why do they put the plus sizes in the back of stores? Plus sized people (especially pregnant women) don't like to walk all the way in the back... are you saying I need the exercise?

We spent about $100 on cute clothes that my wife can even sinch up after the new baby to make'em fit like normal. So, that being said, Big time shout out to Maurices with two convenient locations in the Grand Teton Mall in Idaho Falls and the Pine Ridge Mall in Pocatello. And, no, they didn't give me any special deal or hook-up to say that... if they did, I'd still have my $100
And, while I'm at it, shout out to my wife for being cute enough to make cute clothing cuter.

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