Sunday, March 16, 2008

Escargot, my car go, one sixty, swiftly...

We decided to check out Stockman's Restaurant just off of the County Line Road exit - you can't miss'em. Fantastic Steaks (that blackened cajun something or other is the one to get, for sure), but they also had escargot on the menu. I've never tried escargot based on the fact that they've never served it at a fast food place and the fact that it's snails (mostly, the snails part).

My wife decides we should try a new food item once a week so, since it's on the menu, by all means - like roller coasters and airplanes, they'd never have them if they weren't safe.

As it turns out, Escargot isn't that bad at all! Like steamed clams, they taste just like doing a garlic-butter shooter from that Papa John's dipping sauce... which you've done before, right? It has that steamed clam texture so if you're a texture person - maybe not so much for you. The rest of the food at Stockman's was fantastic as well. Any place that has Sweet Potato Fries on the menu has to be alright by me. For dessert, you definitely gotta get the eclairs.

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