Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Animal Sounds

Laura, my almost 3 year old, is learning animal sounds. The fun thing is if she doesn't know what sound an animal makes, she'll make up a sound for what she thinks that animal might make... I gotta show her a picture of a giraffe - who knows what they sound like?

Every morning, we eat a wholesome breakfast of whatever $2 cereal is on sale that week. I also always have to try the new ones. They have a new 'Wild Animal Crunch' which can only be compared to eating a box of Coco Puffs... and the cardboard part of the box, not the cereal itself. Seriously, it's pretty nasty, but it does have pictures of animals on it. In case you wanted to know what a sloth, a toucan and a tiger sound like (as well as the Cookie Crisp wolf), check out the video

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