Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My psychic wife

Like most married couples, we're on the same wave length most of the time. She'll say "you know what sounds good?" and I'll say "yeah, Brownstone" then she'll respond back with "How did you know?!"

This statement is nullified based on the fact that Brownstone always sounds good, But just recently we had two fun twists of intuition.

- We were watching Rock of Love 2 and the challenge was to make a music video. One of the songs, Fallen, a song which her and I have never heard before - they listen to a clip for inspiration - about 3 seconds into the clip my wife says "this video would work best in black and white... and maybe have a single rose in color at the end" Sure enough, the team making the music video shot the whole thing in Black and White and, at the end, when the girl got a rose everything went in color... pretty much the same thing.

- Yesterday she calls up saying that we should take our girls to the doctor because they both have wet coughs. They're checked out, nothing too bad, maybe a little drainage... but my wife was pretty certain Lily (our 8 month old) had RSV. Even though the Doctor said it wasn't anything to worry about, she was still insistant on getter her checked for RSV. Fortuantly, our Doctor said that if it would ease her mind she'd test her just to be safe but was pretty sure it was just a cold. The diagnosis? RSV! She turned out Positive for RSV (which is kind of like a polite infant pnemonia... something that Laura (our almost 3 year old) had last year.
Next stop? the gas station for some Lottery tickets!


Anonymous said...

WOW! That is amazing! You'll have to let us know if this type of thing happens again.

Rebecca :-) said...

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Mirabelle said...

Good post.