Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fun waiting for Taco Bell

The picture didn't turn out too well, but I wanted to "make you there" with us. We stopped by the Taco Bell drive-thru on 17th across from Hastings. Taco Bell is notorius for having, what I believe, is one of the quickest taco bells and, since it was late, it was on the way home, it was convenient... all things I appreciate, we made it happen.

The potatoes weren't ready so they kindly asked if I wanted a refund, or wait 2 minutes for the potatoes...

I've gone to other fast food places, the employee greets me as if nothing is wrong... I start ordering food only to have him say "Oh, sorry, we're all out of french fries" Things that could've been brought to my attention when I stepped up to the counter! I guess it's so you'll feel like "well, I already ordered so I'll keep ordering" instead of thinking 'What, No Fries No Business from Me!'. Honestly, there was a place in Yakima that actually said the words, again, after greeting my friend and I as if nothing was wrong "Sorry, we're all out of meat"... Then say it when we pull up!

Not at the East Idaho Taco Bells. They pride them selves on service! They even ask how you are before asking what you'd like... I like that. anyways We don't mind the wait, they ask us to pull around to the front of the store (next to Les Schwab) If this ever happens to you, watch the reflection of the cars that pass by the garage door at Les Schwab. My wife noticed it looks like they're on a roller coaster. You can even add your own dialogue like we did.

... you're right, we need to get out more.

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