Saturday, March 8, 2008

2 things we all do at the soda fountain

and, worse yet, they're things that we couldn't do because they're not important. They're rude, stupid and basically a waste of 5 seconds.

1.) We fill it up with a little ice, then a little more ice, then a little more ice... then we dump out some of the ice because now there's too much ice.

it's not gonna matter - like everytime you get something to drink at the gas station, you'll either chug it before the ice melts or you'll wait too long so it's completely watered down - congratulations, you just spent $1 on pepsi-scented water - even though some of that can be contributed to the old lady in front of you in line trying to decide which scratch ticket to buy as if she was deciding what to name her next child. You don't need to use one of your lifelines, all the same priced tickets have the same odds of winning.

submusing: Have you noticed people who complain about the rich also always buy lottery tickets?

2.) We fill it ALL the way up, let the foam subside (some even stick their finger in it to speed up the process... I'm not a clean freak, but that's just weird). Then it does, then they fill it up again, let the foam subside again... they keep doing this so they can get the maximum amount of drink for their buck.

just that, the average cost of this nectar a buck! One American US Legal Tender Dollar! If you think you're 'stickin it to the man' by maximizing your profits with a fountain beverage by not wasting any of those precious 44 ounces, then good for you. Next time, I'll give you the 8 cents that'll go to waste if you move along so you're not standing in front of the machine like confused patient who can eat legally sugar for the first time deciding what to get for the 12th donut while there are me, two construction worker and 9 of 'Idaho's Finest' doing clean-up crew that only have a few moments of break-time to get something to get'em going the rest of the day... then some dude who has to get the liquid (not the foam) all the way to the brim... only to have it spill over a little after he puts the straw through. I don't care if you're a doctor, a mechanic, a delivery driver... your time is not as valuable as those 2 or 3 spared ounces.

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