Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a car-cycle built for 5

For the past 7 years, I've been rockin' a 99 Ford Escort. It's a car I was able to afford when I was working part time at a different radio station, it operated much better than my previous car (an 84 chevy citation)... Since when I bought it I was single and didn't have any kids, it definitely got the job done. Fast Forward to present day, married with two kids and one on the way... I have no choice but to give in and get a new ride. Especially one with working A/C, a working power adapter, power windows, power locks and one I don't have to twist my leg akwardly to get in.

I'm a huge sucker for free stuff. It's one of the reasons I got into radio. I take advantage of free coffee mugs I never use, I'll always grab a free pen at the bank, I'll stop by O'Dell's remotes just because I know Bonnie will have cheese sticks... Knowing this and knowing I needed a new car, I saw this commercial (on no less)

Great car deals - and a free Flat Screen TV?! Yo, this is definitely the best time to get a new car. To prologue an already long story, I found a great car at a great deal and thanks to Jeremy for helping me out. His little 'stake-out' operation worked out great. I won't tell you what kind of car I got (you stalker), but I do think you can see it in the commercial above... i just won't tell you which one. Big time shout-out to Wackerli Auto for helping me out!

I was happy to get rid of my 99 Ford Escort, but my wife, being the sentimental one, reminised on all the memories about it... it was the car we went on our first date with (complete with popping one of my bald tired in a town 80 miles away), it was the car we got married in, took both our children home from the hospital in, all the road trips to Seattle - and then SLC and Boise after we moved here... Lots of memories with that little car and I'd be lying if I didn't say I wouldn't miss it.
Now I just need to move out of my apartment...

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