Saturday, June 21, 2008


So! If you if/when you have kids or whatever you'll learn that most families belong to one of two groups... Disney or Nickelodeon. One has Wiggles, PB&J, ect. The other has SpongeBob, Dora, ect. Our family is the Nickelodeon group, ourselves and on Nickelodeon there's a teen/pre-teen lineup of shows like Zoey 101, Drake n Josh and a new one called iCarly.

Without going into any more detail than all that, I'm familier with iCarly but haven't actually watched any episodes, but my sister (with a 14 year old daughter) does. Apparently they had an episode where Grandpa showed up to have her move in with him in Yakima (or YAK uh muh as they pronouced it). The episode is on YouTube is you care that much. A couple of quote from the show...

"No great town can be named Yakima. It sounds like someone threw up!"
"I can't cheer up, I'm moving to Yakima. I'm going to be a Yakimite... or Yakimanician."

Being from Yakima, born and raised, this is funny.

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all.time.low.girl said...

ive been to yakima. ita not that bad. i wouldnt want to live there though. no offense. in that episode her grandpa seems crazy me watching it all the time would know. her grandpa wnats her to move in because he thinks spencer (her brother) is an unsuitable gardian. i thinks this episode is hillarious!