Wednesday, April 9, 2008

John Riggs circa 2002

I was looking for something when I ran across these older pictures of me. Oh, what a difference a few years make...

I rocked the blue hair w/ glasses to match for a few years. It was kind of my gimmick. After touching it up every weekend it got really old, not to mention expensive.

Here I'm speaking to Kaci who had a semi-hit song back then. Nevermind about her, what ever happened to Rice Krispies treats popcorn I was munching on that morning?

Really? I thought that looked cool?! Having blue/blonde hair extensions and wearing a bandana with a suit jacket?!! Oh well, you live and learn. The other people are the people I used to work with before moving to Idaho... the one in the tan jacket with the curly hair now works for CNN. On one hand I'm jealous, on the other hand she never had blue/blonde hair extensions while wearing a bandana with her suit jacket.

... you gotta be kidding me! Was I "that" guy who wore a necklace even when I wasn't wearing a shirt? I may as well be talking on my bluetooth earpiece, drinking a Rockstar Energy drink while spraying Axe cologne on my barbwire tattoo. I didn't mind taking my shirt off in public for this bookdrive we did in the middle of winter (it was so cold outside.. and our hot tub wasn't working)... but c'mon now. I kept my necklace on when I wasn't wearing a shirt? I suck!

What was wrong with me?! I tucked my extra shirt into my shorts? I couldn't've just left it under our table or tucked away somewhere where the venue staff could've held onto it for me? I had to tuck my shirt into my shorts like that? If I decided to wear shorts that day (that day being the middle of summer) chances are I'm not going to need an extra shirt for any reason.

I'm in the small town of George, Washington where they have a cliffside gorge that they use as a concert venue for big-time concerts, in case you're wondering.

What makes this picture more stupid is my ridiculous lunge. I wanted to be in the shot and about level with everyone else, but since I didn't bother to crop it, I just look weird... not that I didn't in the previous pictures.

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OMG, ur so hot!!!1