Thursday, April 17, 2008

Every episode of American Idol

If you ever miss an episode of American Idol, here you go...

Ryan Seacrest will pronounce it "...aaah MARE ehkin Idol"

some people will sing and the audience will erupt in applause, in unison, about 45 - 55 seconds into the song.

Randy Jackson will say there were some kind'a weird pitch problems, but it was alright

Paula will well up with tears

If Simon puts it down, the audience will Buh... not Boo, but it sounds more like a "Buuuuuuh!". That'll cause Brooke to pout, David Cook to have the "oh well" look in his eyes while nodding his head, Carly to pull her lower lip up as if she was trying to get something off her teeth and David Archuleta, Syesha and Jason to softly smile. If Simon like the performance, the audience will erupt in cheers.

you'll see the remaining guys in a hokey commercial

the end.

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