Saturday, February 2, 2008

Blue Man Groupn't

Today was the Blue Man Group concert in SLC. I was planning on going with my brother in law with my wife and kids coming along to swim in the pool as we checked out the concert. Of course, the snow was coming in and, to my realization, when I drive a car without a working heater with 4 live bodies in the car, the moister from condensation freezes to the inside of your window. I'm not a scientist, but I know when I can't see out the window so for the sake of safety we decided to stay home.

To "make up for it" we had lunch at TGIFridays. The manager said he heard Brad & Jeremy talk about their new Peanut Butter Pie and how he thought that was super cool. I still had to pay for our meal (as us DJs don't get free food just because we're on Z103) but he did give me a shiny, brand new stack of free dessert coupons to use as giveaways. So, in a roundabout way, if you get a coupon from TGI Fridays for a free dessert, you can thank Brad & Jeremy for mentioning the Peanut Butter Pie and thank chaos for causing the weather that made it so we couldn't go to Salt Lake.

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